CPAP Therapy Trials

An appointment with one of our Respiratory Therapists will ensure the best possible treatment with a CPAP machine. We recommend our clients do a one month therapy trial to begin, instead of purchasing a CPAP machine right away.  This allows the clients to determine whether or not CPAP therapy will be the right treatment option for them.  If the treatment trial period was successful, the client can purchase his/her own CPAP machine.

During the trial start appointment, we like to make sure that clients are measured for a CPAP mask best suited for the size and shape of their face and also breathing habits (nose or mouth breather). Without a proper fitting mask, air will leak around the mask and the treatment will not be effective and comfort may not be optimal.  The trial period can also allow for clients to try different masks if needed, in order to find a comfortable fit.

CPAP Machine and CPAP Mask
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